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2003-12-28 02:17:32


As the scene opens up, we see dark clouds and lightning bursting from them. One end of this lightning strikes at the highest tower of the largest castle on the flipmodeplanet. The camera turns several times around this tower, till we see a window and 3 dark figures standing in it. The camera slowly zooms in and the dark figures become more visible. We see a old women and two young men standing around her.

The old women is wearing a long white robe, with a big yellow S painted on the middle, as we catch glimpse of her face it becomes clear that it is none other then one of the oldest warlord of the galaxy: YourMother. She has a big white walking stick in her hand and is looking towards the sky. The two gentlemen stand with a proud posture and also look at the sky.

The man at the left is a young man, baring the mark of the Ryu clan, and having a small yellow u on his chest. He wears a nice robe, all in dragons colours and as the camera pans in it becomes visiable that this man is none other then the young silent warrior called Ralph.

The man at the right however, looks dark, almost greenish, wearing a yellow X on his chest and clothed in a green robe with eyes burning like fire. As he pushes his long hair aside, it becomes visible that this is none other then pakradja.

Suddenly we see YourMother go in a trance and then come back to the world with a grin on her face as she speaks the words:


YourMother: "It has been done".


The two men at her side look at each other with a satisfying smile and all three of them walk down the stairs of the tower to the great hall of the SuX realm. At each sides of this hall we see pictures of the greatest warriors who ever lived served the SuX realm. In the middle of this hall we see a great big golden chair. In this chair a man is seated, as we come closer, it becomes clear that it is none other then the SuX president: Ranonkel, accompnied by his queen Holly.

YourMother, Ralph and pakradja bow to both of them and tell them that the task that was layed upon them has been fulfilled.

Ranonkel steps forward, lays a hand on the shoulder of Ralph and pakradja to congratulate them and then speaks:


"Long has it been since the warriors of SuX have done something in the galaxy, Long has it been since the departure of great warriors like penta and gielium made us weaker then ever. But now, let the world see and feel that a new dawn has broken upon us, our new blood has come forward and shown us that the bloodline is still as strong as it was before. I congratulate thee lady YourMother on teaching these two young warriors the ways of old, i congratualte thee pakradja and Ralph, for walking on the same paths as ur ancestors did. Now go and make us have a bright future again and carry the name of SuX on your shoulders".


All 3 (YourMother,pakradja and Ralph) take a deep bow towards Ranonkel and the scene fades to black.


Ok in normal human words, look at todays battle map and u'll see what is meant by this story. We would like to thank the following ppl:


1. Durnan and the t9h site

2. All the nrg subsets for providing their planets ( :p)


Also we ask u, if u wanna take revenge for this action take it out on 3 of us and not any other SuX/Ryu/green player/planets.

This action was only done to put the letters SuX on the battle map, if we succeed :D, if we dont well dont take it personally ;)


hope u enjoyed the show


YourMother, pakradja and Ralph